What Others Say

“I cannot compliment counsel and the claims administrator in this case highly enough. This in my view is a model of what class action litigation ought to be, the way it ought to work. And in fact in this case, the overall degree of professionalism, dedication, creativity, and vigorous advocacy gives me great confidence in approving the settlement and the proposed fee awards.”

— Hon. David Hamilton, U.S. District Court Judge (S.D. In.)

“Lawyers get a lot of bad press, you know, Ms. Fex. I think bringing lawsuits is hard work and sometimes they vindicate private as well as the public interest. And, you know, your perseverance in your law firms-and I know you’re doing it to get paid, and I don’t object to that at all. I think lawyers ought to get paid. But I do think that while we get all this bad publicity about our litigation explosion, which is a myth, it overlooks the very important public policies that this kind of lawsuit brings to light. So you have my admiration for your work that you’ve done on the case.”

— Hon. Robert W. Pratt, US District Court Judge (S.D. Iowa)

“[This case] has involved exceedingly hard fought, difficult discovery and other substantive issues that has been carried out in the finest traditions of the bar by competent lawyers who know how to fight diligently and zealously for the rights of their client while doing so civilly and respectfully of each other, and they have, therefore, not only served the interest of their clients, but they have served the interest of the profession which they practice, and I commend them for the process and the result. And I will tell you that I do not make remarks of this nature often anymore, sad I am to say. . . .

— Hon. Robert E. Payne, U.S. District Court Judge (E.D. Va.)

“Ackerson is the kind of man neighbors come to with their problems.”

— The American Lawyer, June 2002


“Based in the nation’s capital, The Ackerson Group has been involved in numerous high-profile cases outside the Beltway. Most notable are class-action suits by property owners….”

— Indianapolis Business Journal, August 2002

“What has evolved from all this litigation is an unusual legal entity. What began as Mr. Ackerson’s five-lawyer firm working on a case is now a coalition of four firms with offices in eight states and the equivalent of 23 attorneys working full time on the cases. They also have links with 20 lawyers at as many firms across the country.”

— The National Law Journal, August 1999

“[C]ounsel are often criticized and sometimes rightly so for allowing class actions to proceed largely for the benefit of lawyers. Fortunately, this is not one of those cases. The legal fees agreed upon and sought and that I will approve are fairly reflective of the fine work that was done by counsel for the plaintiffs….”

— Hon. Robert E. Payne, U.S. District Court Judge (E.D. Va.)