Eminent Domain

Protecting Your Rights and Your Land

Eminent domain allows the government, as well as some private businesses, to take private property for public use, whether or not the current owner wants to sell. Condemnation is the term used to refer to the taking of land through the right of eminent domain.

If you are a landowner who has been threatened with condemnation, you have rights. We can work to protect your land from eminent domain, to negotiate a smaller taking that both parties can be satisfied with or to make sure you are fairly compensated in circumstances where the taking is unavoidable. If your land is about to be taken, we can help ensure that you get the results that fit your needs.

At the Washington, DC-based law firm of Ackerson Kauffman Fex, our attorneys have been protecting the rights and the land of people like you since 1991.

red-bullying-stops-here-stopProtecting Your Rights Through Inverse Condemnation

Inverse condemnation is the phrase used when your property has been taken, but where you must file your own lawsuit to seek just compensation. In these circumstances, the issues become complex and difficult to sort out. We have decades of experience in this area of law and have assisted thousands of landowners across the country in defending their rights. We can sort this out.

Review Our Record of Success

We have represented many hundreds of landowners in takings and eminent domain cases. Our successes speak for themselves.

In one of our many outstanding cases, we represented NK Hurst when its 68-year-old factory was threatened with condemnation so a parking lot could be built for a new NFL team stadium. Through a strategy that involved litigation, pressing for new state legislation and mobilization of public opinion, we successfully negotiated a solution that allowed the company to stay in place and receive substantial compensation.

In addition to our record of results, we also take pride in what The National Law Journal, American Lawyer and others have said about our law firm.

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