Property Rights

Protecting Your Property Is Our Practice and Our Passion

Property rights is one of the areas of practice that we have built our reputation on at Ackerson Kauffman Fex. Since 1991, our Washington, DC-based law firm has been representing landowners, farmers and ranchers on a national basis in a wide range of cases, including those that involve taking of private property — both acknowledged and unacknowledged:

Yes, experience is important in these cases. Yes, our knowledge of this unique area of the law is critical, but so is our commitment to getting to know each individual client’s needs and customize a legal strategy accordingly. Our attorneys have the vision to step away from traditional paths in order to get results.

What Path Makes the Most Sense in Your Case?

Perhaps a company with power of eminent domain has made an offer for your land, but you find the terms of the offer completely unacceptable. Perhaps a company is using your land without first paying for an easement. Our first step will be negotiation. Perhaps the company is unwilling to budge. Mediation or arbitration may be the way to resolve the dispute. Perhaps filing a lawsuit becomes necessary. Perhaps we will be required to break into non-traditional paths, using our skill to press for new legislation or craft a public relations campaign to garner public support for your cause. We will work with you to determine the path that makes the most sense in your property rights case.

Review Our Record of Success

Our successes speak for themselves. We also take pride in what The National Law Journal, American Lawyer and others have said about our law firm.

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