Court of Federal Claims

Claims Against the United States Government

courtoffederalclaimsSince 1991, the Washington, DC-based law firm of Ackerson Kauffman Fex has been providing representation in the Court of Federal Claims. This is the court that handles claims against the United States government. These claims can include:

  • Disputes over federal government contracts
  • Disputes over the federal government’s taking of private property
  • Disputes over military and civilian pay allowances

Our attorneys have successfully handled such claims against the U.S. government. If you believe you have a claim against the U.S. government, our law firm is experienced in successful litigation before this court.

The U.S. Government Enjoys Sovereign Immunity

Sovereign immunity makes action against the United States government challenging. In many cases, the government is immune to claims. In certain situations, legislation has been passed that waives sovereign immunity. Only in these situations can action be taken.

Our lawyers have the experience to quickly assess whether action in the Court of Federal Claims is a possibility, based on your situation. If it is possible, you can be confident in our ability to take on the United States government.

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