Significant Cases and Accomplishments

  • Land Rights Class Actionsh3
    • Class Counsel on Fisher v. Virginia Electric Power Company, which successfully settled claims on over 500 miles of electric right-of-way used for telecommunicating purposes
    • One of lead counsel on Uhl v. T-Cubed, which successfully settled claims of over 50,000 landowners to 2,500 miles of right-of-way for a percentage of T-Cubed’s revenue and telecommunication assets
    • One of lead counsel on Sustainable Forest, Inc. v. Qwest
      One of lead counsel for objectors in Zografos v. Qwest
      Consulting Co-Counsel on more than fifty other currently pending class actions
  • Antitrust
    • Counsel for former Bell System in antitrust suits brought by MCI and Sprint
    • Counsel for Mid-Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company in antitrust action brought by Allegheny Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company
  • Intellectual Property
    • Counsel for Smith in Smith v. Hughes (patent damages trial)
    • Counsel for Arthur Andersen in tax software copyright infringement trail
    • Counsel for Zenith in patent suit
  • Securities Law and Fraud
    • Counsel for president of Penn Square Bank in actions arising from failure of the bank
    • Counsel for trustees of the Bradley Trust in litigation with beneficiary of trust over investment decisions
    • Counsel for partnerships created by Michael Milken at Drexel, Burnham in grand jury investigation following the Ivan Boesky scandal
  • Accountant Liability
    • Lead Counsel for Japanese banks in suit against Peat Marwick
    • Counsel for United States and European banks in suit against Ernst & Young
  • Government Regulation
    • Counsel for First South Production Credit Association in suit to defend loan regulations
    • Counsel to State Farm in administrative action to establish passive restraint regulation
    • Counsel to State Farm in administrative action to establish bumper standards
  • General Business Litigation
    • Counsel for Bank of Tokyo in suit against Bank of America
      Counsel for numerous individuals and corporations on suits involving contracts, business torts and non-compete agreements.