Legal Strategies Designed to Exceed Expectations

At Ackerson Kauffman Fex, we define success as not only meeting, but exceeding, the expectations of our clients. Every day and in every case, we work energetically, efficiently and creatively to fully achieve our clients’ objectives. Success requires sharp focus on our clients and a solid grasp of their needs. It demands vision, vigilance and judgment, qualities that can only come from years of hands-on experience. Our attorneys have that experience.

Here’s what we do:

  • We listen to each client, ask questions and keep listening
  • We create a unique strategy that is aligned with each client’s specific objectives
  • We achieve affordable results — results that last


Decades of Experience

Attorneys at our law firm offer decades of experience. That experience covers the most challenging negotiation, arbitration, mediation, litigation and regulatory representation.

As lawyers with years of experience in the courtroom, we know that solutions can come from outside the courtroom. We know how to press for legislation and regulatory solutions, and to oppose harmful ones. Garnering public support may also advance a cause. We are prepared to use all of these paths legally, ethically and powerfully in order to achieve our clients’ objectives.

A National Law Practice Based in Washington, DC

Since 1991, we have represented small and large businesses, associations, cooperatives, financial institutions, homeowners, farmers, ranchers and other clients throughout the United States and internationally.

Our practice areas include property rights disputes, commercial and financial disputes, federal legislative and regulatory processes, class actions, appeals and more. The common thread is that we tend to take on tough adversaries in order to resolve complex legal issues.

Contact Our Property Rights, Eminent Domain and Business Litigation Attorneys

Each of our partners has more than 20 years of experience getting results. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, call us at 202-594-6825 or send us an e-mail.